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PODCAST // 'The Bear' Costume Designers Cristina Spiridakis & Courtney Wheeler

PODCAST // 'The Bear' Costume Designers Cristina Spiridakis & Courtney Wheeler




Seek The Podcast: Fashion, Film and Costume Design celebrates trailblazers behind the scenes who make the magic you see on screen happen. In our first episode, we chat with 'The Bear' costume designers Cristina Spiridakis and Courtney Wheeler.

Cristina & Courtney give us an inside look at what it’s like as a costume designer seeing everyone dress up as your character for Halloween, their signature phrase ‘dog in boots’, what makes Carmy’s white tees (which are MERZ! B! SHCHWANEN! anyone who tells you otherwise should be banned) so magical, the CDG’s #nakedwithoutus movement for pay equity, the intentionality and functionality behind Sydney’s scarves, Thom Browne and White Bark chef's whites, Sugar’s love of the ocean even though she’s never been there, finding *the trackpants* for Cousin Richie, Marcus’ hypey Chicago style (no less than Aime Leon Dore and Fear of God), crafting all of the Ball Breaker costumes, Michelle Clapton’s ‘Game of Thrones’ hack that inspired *the actual bear*, their beautiful and self-identified ‘codependent’ working relationship, and all of the Chicago creatives, brands, and retailers without whom they could not have made costumes for ‘The Bear’.

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